Music for Visual Art

Into my garden come

Original music for videopoem by Maria Salouvardou for the online exhibition of Project Lazaretta

Movie Soundtrack

the Giraffe

original music for film

directed by Connie Zikou

produced in Greece and the UK


Theater Soundtrack


released March 7, 2017

music composed and performed by Penelope Gkika and Maroulita de Kol

Photo: @fotinichora

“1 + ∞” is a minimalistic musical composition by Penelope Gkika and Maroulita de Kol, which was originally composed for the theatrical play “Milch”.

The aim of the piece is to present a musical conversation in which the two instruments, piano and violin, construct a unified sonic environment that gives the impression of a continuously developing story that may never end.

The structure of “1 + ∞” is based on a series of melodic fragments that are repeated and altered throughout the course of the piece, eventually coalescing into a powerful and poignant melodic theme. The performers progress one by one through this series of loops according to their own discretion, as well as interpreting the given material in an improvisatory fashion which is unique to each performance. As such, the piece could last anywhere from 10 minutes to days, according to the performers’ mood.

The piece has been performed in a variety of different contexts, ranging from theatrical and performative presentations of the work to traditional concert settings.

Dance and Music Performance

concept, performer, composer

In mythological terms the female element in each of us just ‘is’, at rest within the unfolding present- receiving, integrating, connecting and communicating with all that is. Male and female elements show up differently in different cultures. Some cultures are oriented in their language, art, myths and rituals to face the mystery of what is. The term "Matrifocal' describes those cultures, that show a devotion to the female element of being. Our own culture, by contrast , is focused on the fruits of the male element. What we are, is "patrifocal"- an element that expresses itself in both men and women. We commonly define ourselves by what we do, how quickly we do it and what we have to show for it.The trio embody, express and interact with a borderless approach intending to reveal the divine feminine - the thread between us all.

Ada Studios @ Uferstudios, Berlin
March 2018

Mora - multimedia album release performance

concept, performer, composer, producer


The Verein 7efta, a collective of musicians, dancers, actors and filmmakers, is presenting a performance around the release of Reverse Mode’s debut album Mora. Songs of the album are presented, in the context of a multidisciplinary event aiming to construct a space which is conducive to creating an atmosphere of deep listening and immersion. The performance involves dance, video projection, theatre, music selection and midnight cooking.



Sophiensaale, Berlin
May 2018



Can we produce social equality – between classes, countries, neighbors and genders? With an international cast The European House of Gambling brings their gig from city to city, hot on the heels of the diverse European landscape and these burning questions. In a reckless mixture of gambling hell, showcase and competitive arena, the state of prosperity is on the betting table. All in! The cards of fate are being reshuffled. Win, loss, status, everything keeps flowing. Is this still randomness or is it equality (again)?

Conceptual Music Performance | ΦΩΣ

for web.jpg

Forum Brazil, Berlin

December 2020

concept, performer, producer


A live sound journey by Monica Besser and Maroulita de Kol

Maroulita and Monica met in 2017 in Berlin and since then, both have the dream of performing together and creating something unique from this encounter. Maroulita brings the traditional Greek music in her sublime sound, while Monica has the deep forest ancestral music all over her freestyle. Both are inspired by their deep relationship with mother nature, and this is the vortex where they converge these two universes. The enchanted magical world seems to be real when these two come together.

With several instruments around and electronics combined with their voices, they will create a singular unique live performance that will bring the audience into a journey to the center of one's heart. The idea is to bring together times and tribes to vibrate and celebrate life, to return the sacred role of Art that is to heal, to invite the magic and let there be light-ΦΩΣ!