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greek traditional songs and dances   


Musical pieces from the Greek tradition are presented with piano, violin, ney, lute and percussion. Five musicians, enthusiasts of the genre, who have a connection with traditional as well as improvised music, infiltrate songs of the Greek tradition and radiate the original atmosphere with a new energy.


Songs and dances from all over Greece

Baiduska from Thrace, mourning songs from Epirus, healing melodies from the islands, Sirtos from Crete, banned rebetika from Piraeus, and finally the incomparable colour of the Songs from Minor Asia.


Piano, Voice | Maroulita de Kol

Violin | Penelope Gkika

Ney, Flutes | Valentina Bellanova

Percussion | Borys Slowikowski

Oud, Lute | Fatih Ermete


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