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Maroulita de Kol is a Greek pianist, singer, composer and performer. Since moving to Berlin in 2012 she has been studying, researching and revising the storytelling and musical material of Greek traditional music. As a classically trained pianist that has been active in the improvised, noise and electronic music scenes of the city, she offers a fresh approach, bringing her cultural legacy into contemporary artistic practice, evolving her music in order to resonate with the present moment, both in terms of content as well as sound. She is a founding member of three Berlin based bands, Reverse Mode, Arcangel Trio and Farmagia, all of which are currently performing all around Europe. She has composed music for theatre pieces, performances, films and documentaries, and is currently developing material for her debut solo album. Her music has been characterised as otherworldly and mystical with dynamic and expressive elements. 

She believes in people and in the power of art. 

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