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Athens-raised, Berlin-based Maroulita de Kol creates music formed from the ancient, pre-Christian rites and practices of Greece, newly re-presented through a contemporary lens. A former student of

classical piano and voice, an unbreakable bond with her

homeland yielded an extensive and ongoing dive into the

mythologies, arts and storytelling of ancestral Greece.

These studies eventually guided her to the debut solo

works that make up Anatélo and forthcoming

accompanying full-length album Anásana

(due out later this year under label Phantom Limb) ).

A founding member of Reverse Mode (album Mora 2018),

Arcangel Trio (album Golden Sheep 2022) Twin Flames Ensemble

and Farmagia, de Kol has performed all around Europe, and has composed music for theatre pieces, performances, films, and documentaries. Her music is both primal and sophisticated,

ancient and startlingly modern.


She believes in the healing power of art. 


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